Managed PBX

Managed PBX GraphicsThe Elisha Telecom fully-managed PBX makes use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to provide effective communication to businesses especially BPO / call centre companies. It integrates different communication applications to adapt to the increasing client base. It is also an efficient and effective communications technology solution as it enables businesses to maximise their services by allowing them to subscribe to features or applications customised to their needs.

What are the benefits of having a Managed Hosted PBX system?

Minimal Capital Expenditure: Pay only for what you use or need.
Scalable in Real Time: Scale up or scale down your system whenever you need to via our easy to use Web Panel.
Expert Technical Support: No on-site or on-call staff required to move, add or change the PBX system. Our team of experienced telecommunications, network and computer engineers are ready to help you out day or night.
Future Proof: Our R&D Engineers are constantly developing and adopting the very latest in VoIP technology for inclusion on our system.
Disaster Recovery: Use the web portal to quickly set up Remote Office or selective call forwarding and continue to conduct business as usual.

Elisha Telecom offers a wide range of BPO / call centre solutions depending on what a company requires. Call Detail Records (CDRs) can be provided for system usage management so call details can be viewed in real time for call analysis and reporting. Inbound international numbers can also be provided for inbound call centres so overseas callers can call for the price of a local call. Call rates are competitive and is ideal for outbound call centres that have overseas clients.

Elisha Telecom takes care of everything. No need for any in-house technical “know-how” in managing your PBX System.

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